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I have loved the opportunity to connect with you here on LMS and share my stories of motherhood and spirituality. From time to time, I will still come back to share my personal musings and of course, pictures of my tribe.

If you are interested connecting to my guidance with a spiritual intent, I invite you to head on over to Kimberly Crawford & Co. my new spiritual startup!

I am a potent Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healing Facilitator. I specialize in empowering the inner strengths of extraordinary women in the midst of motherhood and highly intuitive adolescents. Coaching them through the development of self trust, becoming more mindful and building a deeper spiritual connection through awareness, accountability and appreciation; my clients experience tremendous personal growth and peace of mind.

If you need support during this fluid time, please email me at metkimberlycrawford@gmail.com – I would be happy to set up a free 20 minute inquiry call where we can explore working together virtually.

Sending you ease and grace as we continue to navigate this road together.

Laugh hard! Love strong! Live to serve!